Perry Carter Award


The Red Knights International Firefighter Motorcycle Club identifies and honours one member each year as the Red Knight of the Year. The award is known as the Perry Carter Award.
Each Chapter in this world wide organization may nominate a member for the Red Knight of the Year. Members at Large are included in this process. Members who are nominated exemplify the ideal club member and have been present at 50% of the Red Knights Motorcycle Club chapter events during the year. The member nominated has visited at least one other Chapter during the year and has attended the International Convention in the past. The Member nominated represents and signifies the Red Knight's standard in their dealings with the public and the Internationals members.
RKMC ON 13 is proud and honoured to have our very own Henry Heideman, past Inaugural RKMC ON 13 President, past Inaugural Association 6 President, past Region 2 International Director and current International Grand Tour chairman recognized as the 2014 recipient of the Perry Carter Award at this years RKMC International Convention in PEI.
Congratulations Henry!